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Integrovaná logistika – zásobovanie výroby Just in Time

Integrated logistics – Just in Time Supply Chain

After Samsung Electronics Slovakia has founded a plant in Galanta we got a chance to enter the field of production or integrated logistics. We started to supply the production of LCD televisions by elementary parts in a regime of Just in Time.

We are supplying mainly packaging materials, but our portfolio includes edge protectors, one way woodden pallets and certified europallets, metal construction parts as shields and brackets, cushions and plastic covers (backs) of LCD TV.

Generally we supply these elements to a concrete production line at an exact time schedule (hrs and min) in a 30 minutes delivery cycle intervals. Order receipt is ensured by an EDI connection, we procure nearly 500 deliveries a day. Our arsenal includes 8 forklifts 10 shuttles (supplying trucks) in 16 hrs/day and 5 days/week.