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About us

Promitor s.r.o. is a 3PL logistics company with great experiences in supply chain and distributional logistics. The company offers a cost-effective external solution for arranging warehousing, transportation and local distribution of goods. The name „Promitor“ was carefully chosen from the Roman mythology as the one responsible for distribution, a helper of the goddess Ceres.

Main products:

  • International freight forwarding
  • Transportation of goods
  • Integrated (SCH) logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution

Our locality

Promitor s.r.o. is seated in Slovakia in the heart of Central Europe, which is an ideal locality for distribution to the neighbour countries (Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland) or as a cross-dock station for the goods heading to Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgary, Turkey, etc.). After all Slovakia is a member of the Euro zone from January 2009.

We offer:
  • 6 000 m2 warehousing capacity
  • 6 000 pallett positions
  • 3 000 m2 outer space
  • 10 trucks for local distribution in Slovakia
  • 10 trucks for international transports in the EU
  • Insurance of liability up to 300 000 EUR
  • Insurance for manipulation of goods up to 500 EUR/pal


The strategy of the company is to provide services of good quality for comfortable prices and support the economic growth of our business partners. In this sense the company has an implemented and certified quality mangement system according to the norm of ISO 9001.