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Cargo Insurance

Our Company provides you a combinated forwarder´s and carrier´s liability insurance according to the CMR contract for a limit of 300 000 EUR for any one occurence of damage. However nowadays a couple of companies is fully satisfied with the transporters liability insurance (CMR) not knowing that this kind of insurance must not cover the damage on goods for a 100 % and is only applicable if the transporter is responsible for the damage.

After all the transporters responsibility is limited by the international CMR contract according to the following: „In case of damege on goods during the transport caused by the transport vehicle or during additional manipulation (e.g. loading, cross-docking, unloading), the amount of damage is limited at 8,33 SDR for 1 kg btto weight of damaged, destroyed, or lost goods.“ The exchange rate of 1 SDR is issued by the IMF, and is usually around 0.85 – 0.86 EUR. As a result the transporter is liable for 8,33 x 0,86 = 7,16 EUR for 1 kg btto weight of your cargo (package included).

There exist a number of circumstance which make the transporter out of the liability, so this kind of insurance is not allways suitable. For this reason our company provides cargo insurance that covers all risks for a 100 % of the cargo price value, in addition it covers the transport costs and lost profit from goods you could not deliver or you must deliver once again to your customer.

We offer you insurance tariffs which let you sleep on both ears, based on the real market value of goods (value of goods + transport price + lost profit) according to the following rates:

within Europe 1,2 ‰
other parts of the world 1,8 ‰
former states of the USSR 3,5 ‰
personal possession move in the whole world 4,0 ‰
refrigerated goods within Europe 2,5 ‰
refrigerated goods on other parts of the world 3,0 ‰
refrigerated goods in former states of the USSR 5,0 ‰

The minimal rate of the insurance is 25 EUR/cargo. These rates are not applicable for electronics. In case of interest for insuring electronics and high-tech consignments we can prepare an individual offer.