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Skladovanie a distribúcia tovaru

Warehousing and Distribution of Goods

Our company provides 5 000 m2 storage capacity with more than 6 000 pallet positions actually. Warehousing facilities are assured by own buildings, installed STOW shelf storage system and finally by LOGI infosystem, which allows quick and exact stock operations by using barcode readers. The technical background is enforced by Hyster forklift machines and reachtrucks with shift height of 8.5 m. The arsenal include 6 forklifts, 2 reachtrucks and 10 shuttle vehicles for supplying the production lines 16 hrs/day and 5 days/week. Another warehouse is under construction which will have 1 360 m2 storage capacity with 2 160 pallet positions in shelves.

Our standard services include:

  • goods receive between 8.00 AM - 4.00 PM o´clock on workdays, visual check of completeness, type and consignment status in comparison with the enclosed transport documents,
  • handling and warehousing of goods, monthly inventory,
  • evidence of goods according to delivery note numbers, date of storing in and out, type, serial no., quantity in pieces and packages,
  • reporting warehouse manipulation, expedition of goods between 8.00 AM - 4.00 PM o´clock on workdays,
  • expedition of completized packages (mixed pallets),
  • issuing expedition documents (CMR)

Distribution of goods in western Slovakia is realized NBD (next business day), customers on the other part of Slovakia can be serviced till the second day and in the neighbour countries till the third day from the date of order receipt.